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The emergence of Pax Secure Solutions (PSS) in the business world of Nigeria is an adequate response to the ever growing need in our society to establish a steady and long lasting peace of mind in our daily activities. Our company provides a series of business services which serve as solid foundations for private, public aswipe-pad-1nd industrial ventures in the country.

If our products are foundations for other businesses, and our company is powered by the commands of safety and security. These words underlie the moto of Pax Secure Solutions. Safety at work, secure at home and peace of mind wherever you may be.

Families, business, individuals and communities rely on the assurance that every plan and endeavour gets accomplished without any dangers or hindrances. Even though the Nigerian society today normally worry about accidents of various types and natural disasters, the most dreaded incidents which can devastate peoples’ lives is insecurity. The idea of not being safe or that our hard earned properties are not secure, affects a series of conditions which add up to bring down the general standard of living in a state, town or community.banner_electronicsecurity

Quite aware of all these conditions, Pax Secure Solutions has resolved to develop business ventures, that deliver secure products in the areas of printing and publishing, document services, media and advertising, facilities management, translation services, research and education, carrer development, recruitment and employment, health and medicare, etc.

More especially, these business are operated under the 24/7 watch of the Pax Security Services offering different sorts of security solutions, in the form of manned, electronic, remote and patrolled security operations.

In recent times, we have observed the frenzy around these issues when we notice, for example, armed or fierce-looking men around political figures or the presence of security officers at banks, shopping malls and business premises.

Pax Secure Solutions brings to business and the society as a whole the assurances that people can go on living a quite and secure life while they work, shop, travel, play and sleep.



Our Specialisation

Pax Secure Solutions has been conceived to provide professional security solutions to all sectors of the business community in  our society. Aware of the increasing need of safety measures in business premises, community markets, residential complexes, financial and government institutions, schools and universities, etc., our company has carried out detailed research of the areas where security issues need to be focused, enhanced or installed. Consequently, PSS has designed different packages to suit different security needs for national and multinational clients throughout Nigeria.

With thousands of professional and well-trained officers present in different areas and businesses in the country, Pax Secure Solutions is visibly represented while protecting its customers, their staff, visitors and properties. This frontline role is important for businesses. Quite aware that we also represent their image, that is why we invest a lot through training and management support.  Our security officers are highly motivated and are fully encouraged to excel in their positions while providing good customer services to  clients at different levels in the business premises where we operate.

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